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Welcome to MissionSquare Retirement

For nearly 50 years, we've been solely dedicated to helping those who serve their communities build retirement security.

That mission hasn't changed. We exist to deliver on the financial wellness of public employees and their families. 

We've changed our name to honor our history as we move into the future. Our new name upholds our unique mission while paying tribute to the community square — a place of gathering and partnership.

From community squares to Times Square, our new name celebrates our drive to help provide more individuals who serve their communities the financial security and future they deserve. These employees include individuals who work in the following sectors:

Health care

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New brand, same mission

We are MissionSquare Retirement, the same mission-based, nonstock, nonprofit, financial services company focused on delivering results-oriented retirement plans, education, investments, and advice to public employees.

This was true yesterday, it's true today, and it will be true for the next 50 years and beyond.

50 years of specialized expertise working to help you confidently achieve financial wellness

Serving those who serve their communities

50 years of specialized expertise working to help you confidently achieve financial wellness

Mission driven and dedicated to you

New initiatives designed just for you

While our name change might be the most obvious, we're most excited about some of the initiatives underway to provide you with a better experience, and ultimately help you achieve a better financial future.

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Products and Tools

Advancements in investment products and tools

Advancements in investment products and tools

We've developed a more intuitive, user-friendly, interactive digital experience that's personalized and considers your MissionSquare account as well as other sources of retirement income such as Social Security, pension benefits, and other financial accounts — all through our Guided Pathways® Advisory Services. Find out more about our advisory services.

Financial Wellness

An enhanced, personalized financial wellness program

An enhanced, personalized financial wellness program

Robust, interactive learning opportunities are available for you throughout all career stages, with a focus on personal finance objectives such as retirement savings, college planning, debt management, emergency funds, and more.

Digital Tools

Improved digital tools and capabilities

Improved digital tools and capabilities

Since many of our clients are on the go, we want you to have access to convenient mobile and online financial tools — all in one place — to make managing retirement savings easier. Check out these resources and tools.

Community and Advocacy Initiatives

Expanded community and advocacy initiatives

Expanded community and advocacy initiatives

This includes the MissionSquare Memorial Scholarship Fund, where we honor local and state government employees, and people who work in education, health care, and not-for-profit, who lost their lives in service to their communities. Our advocacy efforts support state and local government and their workforce. Learn more about the scholarship fund.

Research and Thought Leadership

Access to the latest research and thought leadership

Access to the latest research and thought leadership

Explore in-depth, industry-related studies and insights into activities, trends, and advancements in state and local governments on topics such as pension funding, health benefits, and compensation. For more information, visit our resource center.

Top FAQs

More info you should know

We’ll keep you informed along the way. For now, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions so far.

A: Our organization was founded in 1972 to help city and county managers prepare for retirement, and this focus was reflected in our previous name. From the beginning our mission has been focused on public sector employees as they build retirement security.

While our mission has never changed, it has grown. We've expanded to support all employees who serve their communities. With this growth came the need for a brand that represents both our foundation and our future.

Our new name, MissionSquare Retirement, reflects the diversity of our participants as well as our historic commitment to serving those who serve their communities. We remain dedicated to helping those who serve their communities build a secure financial future by providing retirement plans, investment options, and personalized guidance so they can make informed decisions and reach their financial goals with confidence.

A: The words that make up our new name highlight why we do what we do, who we serve, and why people put their trust in us.

"Mission": The focus on our mission — to help those who serve their communities build retirement security — sets us apart and is at the heart of the enduring partnerships we've built over nearly 50 years.

"Square": From the term "town square," this concept links our brand with the idea of a central gathering place, the hub of a community and those who represent it.

The radiating square within the name's "o" represents the town square meeting place as a venue for new capabilities and ideas.

A: We will begin the transition to our new name this summer. We will provide regular communications via email, phone, and our website throughout the transition.

A: Our website addresses will be updated in spring 2022. We'll provide further information prior to the change.

A: The web address to access your account is not changing at this time. It will be updated in spring 2022, and we will inform you in advance of the change.

A: With regard to the name change, Vantagepoint and VantageTrust Funds will change to MissionSquare in fall 2021. Investment objectives, strategies, and risks are not changing due to this name change. No action is required by you.

A: Effective this summer, MissionSquare Retirement is changing its name to MissionSquare Retirement. Effective in fall 2021, some of our other brand names will be changing, including:

  • Vantagepoint Investment Advisers (advisor to the funds) is changing to MissionSquare Investments
  • Vantagepoint Funds is changing to MissionSquare Funds

More information will be provided as these dates approach.

A: You'll begin seeing a new look and feel to our websites, mobile app, and educational resources this summer. When the above-mentioned fund name changes occur in the fall, you'll receive communications in advance of the change, if these funds are offered in your plan; and you'll begin seeing the new fund names this fall.

A: We'll continue to share information with you throughout the process through email, Account Access, participant statements, our contact center self-service phone line, and more.

A: If you have additional questions, please email us at missionsquareretirement@icmarc.org.

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We look forward to sharing more exciting news and updates with you as we continue along this journey.

Have questions about our name change? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at any time.

Account-related questions: If you have questions related to your account and not about our new company name, you may log into your account and select a Contact Us option for assistance. We’re glad to help.

Thank you, and we look forward to continuing to serve you!

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